Best West Ham Players Ever – 10 Great Names You Want to Know

Best West Ham Players Ever
Best West Ham Players Ever - Who are they?

Who are the best West Ham players ever? West Ham is well-known for many of its excellent players, who have great technical skills, power, and passion. Fans from all over the world feast their eyes on wonderful matches that players from West Ham have brought about. Take a look at the 10 best West Ham players of all time to see who the stars of London football are.

10. Frank Lampard Sr.

Frank Lampard Sr is one of the best west ham players
Frank Lampard Senior

The left-back football player was born in 1948 and spent most of his career time in West Ham. during his 18 years at West Ham, Frank Lampard Sr worked hard, played 660 games for his beloved Hammers, and became a much-loved part of the club.

West Ham won the FA Cup three times, in which Frank Lampard joined twice. People never forget a moment in extra-time of the 1980 FA Cup semi-final match. Lampard had an excellent diving header to send the Hammers to Wembley.

In top #10, Frank Lampard Sr. is regarded as one of the best West Ham players of all time.

9. Billy Bonds

Billy Bonds is a true legend of West Ham
Bonds is a true legend of West Ham

Bonds had 21 consecutive years to devote to West Ham. More than that he continued to work as a manager for four seasons after retiring.

At the start of his career for West Ham, Bonds quickly became an indispensable player, who made 124 consecutive appearances. During his 21 seasons as a player there, Bonds amassed 663 league appearances for the club.

In his new role as the Hammers manager since 1990, Billy Bonds tried to get promoted in the first season. He was at the helm for the next three seasons, being relegated and then immediately promoted again. Among West Ham’s most famous players, Bonds remains a club legend these days.

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8. Paolo Di Canio

Paolo Di Canio celebrated a goal in West Ham
Paolo Di Canio celebrated a goal in West Ham

Paolo Di Canio is a former Italian player who started joining West Ham in 1999 for £1.5 million. People, at first, thought the contract was full of risk because Paolo Di Canio was banned from playing due to his jostling the referee.

Four years later, the Italian player let become the hero of the club when scoring 50 goals in 138 appearances. West Ham’s fans adored him because of his great form high attack rate, and his flair for spectacular goals.

Di Canio turned West Ham into a true attacking force in the Premier League. He quickly became an integral part of the team. Even when heading to a fierce competitor, Di Canio also demanded to play correctly and perfectly.

7. Joe Cole

Joe Cole in West Ham celebrated his goal
Joe Cole in West Ham celebrated his goal

Born in 1981, Joe Cole is an English football coach and former professional footballer who started his career at West Ham.

Joining the Hammers in 1990 as a youngster, Cole made his debut in 1998 and played 126 times for West Ham before moving to Chelsea in 2003 when West Ham was unexpectedly relegated.

As one of the best technically gifted players, Joe Cole became of West Ham at the age of 13. Many clubs wanted to have Cole from West Ham but he denied it.

Cole, perhaps, is better known for his time at Chelsea, who eventually won three Premier League titles. But his time at West Ham is the time he was recognized as a talented one.

6. Jermain Defoe

Jermain Defoe when playing for west ham
Jermain Defoe

In his career beginning at Charlton, Defoe moved to West Ham at the age of 16 and racked up an incredible 624 league games in a 23-year career.

He is a quick, deadly finisher who rarely misses the mark. Defoe relies on speed and accuracy rather than physicality. Undoubtedly, he became one of the best West Ham strikers.

Defoe has played for many clubs during his long career. Interestingly, he regularly joined the struggling teams, and frequently rescued them from relegation.

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During 5 years playing for West Ham, Jermain Defoe had 93 appearances and scored 29 goals in total.

5. Frank Lampard

Young Frank Lampard
Young Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard began his career in 1995 at West Ham United. His beginning at West Ham was not happy. People thought he was famous because he is the son of a legendary West Ham player Frank Lampard sr.

Frank Lampard did nonstop training, playing with the ball, even in the evening to improve his skills.

In six years at West Ham, Lampard played 175 matches, scoring 33 goals. A move to Chelsea in 2001 made Lampard the perfect midfielder. He is the only midfielder who have scored over 150 Premier League goals. Only a few football players can have a great stat like that.

He certainly deserves his place on the list of the best West Ham players ever.  Frank Lampard has a steady career and phenomenal success as one of the best players of all generations.

4. Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand when playing for West Ham
Rio Ferdinand- West Ham

Ferdinand started out as a football player for several youth teams before settling at West Ham United.

Five years with West Ham quickly showed that Ferdinand was an excellent game player, with an explosive pace that could get him out of trouble quickly. Rio Ferdinand had 145 appearances and scored 2 goals. Though his career is much brighter in Man City.

Every major European club soon called in for a talented defender. He was eventually on a transfer to Leeds in 2000.

3. Martin Peters

Martin Peters is one of the best West Ham players ever
Martin Peters is one of the best West Ham players ever

Born in 1943, not only being one of the greatest West Ham players, Martin Peters is a legend of English football of all time.

Martin Peters may not be as famous as Bobby Moore or Geoff Hurst, but he also won the World Cup with England in 1966.  The England manager Alf Ramsey said he was a “perfect midfielder” with his intelligence and skills.

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Peters had done such a great job as a player that he could and literally play anywhere on the pitch, including goalkeeper. With his incredible free-kicks, Peters scored a remarkable 178 goals in his career, a career that spanned 24 years, 11 of them with West Ham.

2. Geoff Hurst

Geoff Hurst chasing the ball
Geoff Hurst in West Ham

Geoff Hurst is an English former professional footballer, a pretty good striker of all time. During his 14 years at West Ham, Hurst scored 248 goals in just 499 first-team appearances. The statistic quickly brought him to the attention of England manager Alf Ramsey.

Winning the World Cup with England in 1966, as well as the FA Cup with West Ham in 1964 and the European Cup in 1965, in the mid-1960s he is a real star in English football games.

1. Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore is the best West Ham player ever
Bobby Moore – the former captain of West Ham United

Bobby Moore, undoubtedly, is the greatest West Ham player of all time.

Moore was West Ham captain for more than a decade. He is the only England captain to win the World Cup in a career spanning two continents and 25 years playing football. Admired by fans from all clubs, Bobby Moore is the complete perfect defender and captain.

Wembley Stadium features a statue of Moore at the entrance to England’s national stadium; a very important player for both club and country. Moore played for West Ham for 16 seasons, amassing 544 league games for his beloved Hammers.

Moore was so calm under pressure that allowed him to glide smoothly across the pitch. People remember him as a gentleman. He always dressed politely, always helped his teammates, and showed respect to competitors. The West Ham hero has become an icon of English football.

Among the best West Ham players ever, who do you like the most? Let us know in the comment below. And do you know who is West Ham best player 2022? Follow Wikiplayers for the update on the Hammers.

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