Erling Haaland Injured

Earling Haaland is getting more injured

 Erling Haaland Injured and missed 87 days of the season, double the time of absence from the 2020-2021 season.

Haaland is getting more and more injured.

The number of days of Haaland’s absence had also increased when coaching Marco Rose confirmed that the student could not return before March 13. He said, “Erling is still having trouble.”. He doesn’t feel comfortable moving. The return date is still unclear. We don’t want to rush, and neither does Erling. Honestly, he has There may be many more days off.”

Erling Haaland Injured his groin muscle on January 22, when he scored to help Dortmund beat Hoffenheim 3-2 in the 20th round of the Bundesliga. He has been injured three times this season, taking 87 days off – double the 36 days off last season. In the last four seasons, the Norwegian striker took 185 days off. German newspaper Bild claims that this injury could keep Haaland out for six weeks. He only returned as early as the match against Cologne on March 21.

Earling Haaland injured

Haaland scored 15 goals in 13 appearances in the Bundesliga this season. During the same period, the 21-year-old striker scored 22 goals in 19 matches in all competitions. Since starting to play for Dortmund in January 2020, Haaland has scored 90 goals in 79 matches. He has a contract until the summer of 2024, but with a $112 million release clause in the summer of 2022.

Without Haaland, Dortmund was eliminated from the Europa League knockout round with a 4-6 defeat after two matches against the Rangers. Coach Rose admitted that the home team had difficulty without a central striker. He said: “We hope Erling comes back soon. He is very professional. With Erling, everything, including his future, is discussed internally and everyone is honest. He will give his advice. decide at some point, and the club will be well prepared for that.”

After being eliminated in the Europa League and the German National Cup, Dortmund has 10 Bundesliga matches left to finish this season. They are eight points behind the top of the table Bayern and do not have many opportunities to catch up with their opponents. After this season, Haaland is said to be the transfer target of many European giants, such as Man Utd, Man City, Real and PSG.

How many games has Haaland been hurt and had to miss?How many games had Earling haaland been absent?

The Norway player will be 22 this summer, but he has been playing football for men’s teams since he was 15. Haaland has already played over 200 games for club and country, so the tires are pretty worn down.

At Molde and Red Bull Salzburg, injuries didn’t bother him much because they never lasted more than two weeks. However, Dortmund missed him when he was hurt.

In 2020-21, Haaland was hurt four times and missed 10 games. This past season, however, he was hurt three times and missed 16 games.

In his career, he has been hurt 36 times and missed games. His hip flexor injury and muscle problems in 2021–22 hurt him the most.

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Because Haaland got hurt, Dortmund had to leave the European Cup.

Dortmund needed Haaland up front, and when Erling Haaland Injured, they lost to Ajax at home and to Sporting CP on the road and were knocked out of the Champions League.

Then they were put in the Europa League, where they played against Rangers. Haaland was hurt again, this time in both legs. The German giants were shocked when Scotland beat them 4–2 in Dortmund.

With Erling Haaland Injured, Dortmund had no chance of competing with Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title. Up front, Donyell Malen didn’t do much to stand out, and loaned player Reinier Jesus has been a bust.

During Manchester City’s Champions League semi-final loss to Real Madrid, a lot was said about how they created chances and how they need a good striker to turn those chances into goals. Haaland could be that player for sure. With Haaland on their side, Man City might be impossible to stop.

Biggest worry

The difference between Man City and Liverpool last season lies in the fact that the Anfield team has many players who know how to choose positions and shoot in the penalty area. Pep Guardiola encourages many midfielders to score goals, but they are not strikers.

Haaland showed he was capable of helping Pep deal with the headache of missed opportunities. The former Dortmund star only needs 7 touches in the 16.5 m area for each Bundesliga goal.

In his debut for Man City in the US, the Norwegian striker scored after his first touch in the Bayern Munich area. Haaland’s skeptics are right to say that this is just a pre-season friendly. However, coach Julian Nagelsmann also launched the strongest squad of Bayern against Man City. This is also not the first time the spearhead, born in 2000, shined in the debut match of the new team.

After moving from Salzburg to Dortmund in January 2020, Haaland made his name memorable by scoring a hat-trick in just 23 minutes on his debut against Augsburg.

Earling Haaland is getting more injured

The Norwegian striker converges many factors to become a successful contract in Man City’s history. As Haaland himself told Grealish, he only cost Man City £ 51.2 million (contract release fee with Dortmund – PV). Last summer, Lukaku joined Chelsea for £ 97.5 million and failed miserably. Many other strikers in Europe have a higher transfer price than Haaland at the moment.

Pressure is probably not what makes it difficult for Haaland. The new physical condition is the most important thing to discuss right now. Pep did not hesitate to reveal that Erling Haaland had Injured problems last season. “We want to be careful,” the Man City coach explained the decision to leave Haaland on the bench against Club America in the middle of this week, “The season is still long and there is no need for us to rush him.”

Haaland was only allowed to play the first half against Bayern by Pep. The performance of the 22-year-old striker is quite impressive, but there are still many ripples. Haaland’s movements and acceleration are not elegant. He needs more time to get back to his best form. 

Over the past four seasons, Haaland has suffered 14 injuries from the knee to the muscles and ligaments. That is probably Pep’s biggest worry for Haaland right now.

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