Harry Maguire Salary: Income of the Most Expensive Defender

Harry Maguire salary at man utd

How much is Harry Maguire salary? Thanks to a record-breaking contract with Manchester United, Harry Maguire become the highest-paid defender in the Premier League with a high wage in 2019. In order to make Harry Maguire stay longer, Manchester United decided to offer him a more lucrative contract in 2021. How much does he earn in Man Utd?  Find your answer in the following post from Wikiplayers.

How much does Harry Maguire earn?

In this part, you will know how much the most expensive defender of the Premier League earns and his net worth as well. 

Harry Maguire wage

Harry Maguire earns £190,000 per week in 2021. That means Harry Maguire salary per year is £9,880,000. His income at Man United seems comparatively high. He is luckily in the top 10 of the highest earners in MU. Since being acquired from Leicester in 2019, Harry Maguire has become one of the highest-paid defenders in the Premier League. At Manchester United, Harry Maguire plays a role as a captain, besides being a defender.

Harry Maguire salary

In 2021, there was a rumor that Harry Maguire was about to sign a new contract with MU. His new salary is 300,000 pounds a week at MU

Thus, Maguire will become the third highest earning player at Old Trafford, behind only David de Gea (£375,000/week) and Cristiano Ronaldo (£500,000/week). This is the achievement Maguire deserves to be received by his dedication in recent times for Man Utd.

In an effort to begin early negotiations, United has contacted Maguire in an effort to bind him to a new five-year contract. The contract expires in 2025.

And as a talented football player, Harry Maguire has been able to earn a lot of money since 2011. Thanks to his salary per year of about 9M, his asset is estimated at £70 million (about $94 million). Besides, He also appears in favor of various top brands including Puma.

Harry Maguire’s net worth 2022

As of 2022, Harry Maguire’s net worth is calculated at $20 million.  His current valuation on Transfermarkt is 36 million pounds.

Harry Maguire’s salary based on an outstanding bio and stats

Jacob Harry Maguire was born in 1993 in England. He plays as a center-back for both Manchester United and the England national team.

Harry Maguire

In the summer of 2019, Man Utd broke the transfer record of a central defender held by Virgil van Dijk, when spending 87 million euros to have Harry Maguire from Leicester City join the Red Devils. This also puts the English midfielder under a lot of pressure.

This contract is based on his brilliant profile. In the Premier League, Harry Maguire had 205 appearances with 11 goals, 8 assists, and 51 clean sheets.

At the time Manchester United bought Harry Maguire, he had great duel success of 73% and tackle success of 55% in the 2018/19 Premier League. And now his tackle success is 67%.

Specifically, in the 2019/20 season, the appearance of Maguire helped MU become the team with the third lowest number of goals conceded in the tournament. A year later, MU’s number of times to pick up the ball has increased to 8 goals. The Red Devils are still in the group of 5 teams with the most solid defense in the Premier League. Maguire is clearly too important a name in the squad of the red half of Manchester at this stage.

In his career, Harry Maguire participated in some common international cup competitions such as EFL Cup 2011, 2012 for Sheffield United, Europa League 2014 for Hull City, EFL Cup, in 2015 & 16 for Hull City, and for Leicester City in 2017.

A brief introduction of Jacob Harry Maguire let you know that his talent explains partially why Man Utd wants to keep him longer. 

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How does his income change over time? 

At the beginning of playing for Sheffield United, Harry Maguire salary per week was only £3,200 (£166,400 per year). 

In 2015, when moving to Hull City, Harry Maguire earned three times more than his time at Sheffield United (£11,000 per week). Nearly 4 years later, his income continuously increased by 4 times to £41,000 in Leicester City. And now his income rockets in Manchester United at £300,000 per week. His high salary makes many football players in the world envy. 

Wrapping up 

Harry Maguire under pressure at man utd

Maguire’s form has only dropped significantly in the 2021/22 season. The English midfielder sometimes made mistakes under the pressure of being a captain. Maguire received some criticism from his teammates and fans. Maguire, himself, also admitted that the last season was a “career setback” and vowed to use a fresh start under Erik ten Hag to come back better.

In general, he still creates an extreme influence and helps the Red Devils significantly improve his defensive ability.  That’s why Erik ten Hag wants to tie him by a lucrative contract of 300,000 pounds a week for his salary. 

Harry Maguire salary and his performance, and devotion to Man Utd will be a long story. Follow Wikiplayers to update on more interesting stories and information about football players around the world.


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