Jack Grealish Salary: How Much Does He Actually Earn?

Jack Grealish moved to Manchester City

If Jack Grealish salary piques your curiosity, this post is for you. Grealish’s fame recently skyrocketed following the most expensive contract with Manchester City in Premier League history. Though people are familiar with his fame, not everyone knows how much Jack Grealish earn per week.  Read the article below in full to know more about this talented football player from the salary perspective.

Jack Grealish Wage at Manchester City

Wikiplayers is going to tell you about Jack Grealish wages in his old and current clubs. So you have an overview of his salary to make a comparison.

Jack Grealish officially joined Manchester City in 2021 August after a remarkable valuable contract of £100million (approximately $120M USD) was signed with Aston Villa. Grealish has committed to a six-year contract at the Etihad Stadium, playing for the Citizens at least through the summer of 2027.

Jack Grealish moved to Manchester City

As of 2022, The English professional footballer undoubtedly becomes one of the most expensive football players in Premier League history.

Jack Grealish salary per week at the new club is about £300,000 per week. Several other sources calculate that Jack Grealish salary per week is only about £250,000 per week. Note that these numbers are only for your reference.

Besides, as far as we know, the football player also signs contracts with some giant fashion brands to get extra income.

Jack Grealish, certainly makes more money after having a new contract with Manchester City Football Club.  Jack Grealish salary at Aston Villa was only £120,000 per week. Now his salary remarkably doubles.

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Jack Grealish’s Net Worth

In 2020-2021, The Birmingham-based footballer’s net worth currently stands around 0.5 to 1 million pounds. After two years, his net worth increases a lot thanks to the contract with The Sky Blues. As Feb of 2022, Jack Grealish’s net worth is estimated around 16.8 Million Pound (20 million euros).

Grealish joined Aston Villa at the age of six and made his debut in 2012. In recent years Grealish has earned a reputation as an aggressive dribbler and successful ball carrier. His famed dribbling prowess regularly results in opportunities, goals, and set-piece victories. Reportedly, in Premier League, Jack Grealish’s appearance is 123, goals are 18, Wins are 48 and Losses are 53.

Jack Grealish was one of the three best players in the Aston Villa squad. And the Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola does admire his ability and skills.

Jack Grealish at Aston Villa

Grealish was obviously persuaded to leave his boyhood club to compete in the Champions League for the first time ever while playing alongside some of the finest players in the world and under one of the best coaches in the history of the sport.

At Manchester City, the English football club plays as a midfielder. Jack Grealish was so over the moon when joining the Citizens. He believes this is the best football club and Pep Guardiola is the best manager for him.

Where is Jack Grealish Salary per week ranked?

Jack Grealish in Man City Squad

The following table below tells you more about where Jack Grealish is standing in the list of Manchester City football players’ salary ranks.

No Name Salary per week
1 Kevin De Bruyne £350,000
2 Raheem Sterling £300,000
3 Jack Grealish £300,000
4 Fernandinho £150,000
5 Bernardo Silva £150,000
6 Ilkay Gundogan £140,000
7 Rodri £121,154
8 Aymeric Laporte £120,000
9 Riyad Mahrez £120,000
10 Ruben Dias £115,385

Jack Grealish stands in the Top #3 of the best-earning players, following Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City (£350,000 per week) and Raheem Sterling (£300,000 per week). However, Raheem Sterling decided to move to Chelsea in 2022 Aug.

Wrapping up

Jack Grealish is a very skilled and creative player who ghosts past defenders and uses trickery to open more scoring opportunities for his team.

With his talent, Jack Grealish deserves to receive a high salary from the club and the sponsors that he has signed contracts with.

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