Premier League Referee Salary – New Update!

Premier League referee's salary

Have you ever considered the question of who pays Premier League referees and how much they make? The Premier League referee salary and the highest-paid referees will be covered in detail in this article.

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How much is the Premier League referee’s salary?

Premier League referee's salary

A referee, two assistant referees, two more assistant referees, a fourth official, one backup assistant referee, a video assistant referee, and at least one assistant VAR are typically present for each soccer match.

How much commission do soccer referees earn in the English Premier League, though, for enforcing the rules of the game?

Without taking into account match fees, the yearly Premier League referee salary in the UK, which includes the official, assistant, and video assistance referees, ranges from £30,000 to £200,000.

Additionally, the pay of Premier League referees will depend on their standing and level of skill in the sport.

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The official referees

Premier League referee's salary

Official Premier League referee salaries follow the laws of soccer, ensuring that the players are safe and having a fair time.

A skilled EPL referee’s base salary ranges from £70,000 to £200,000 per year. Additionally, the official referees are paid £1,500 every game.

Additionally, in addition to their annual salary and match fees, referees in the English Premier League receive a retainer of between £38,500 and £42,000 per year.

The assistant referee

The duties of the assistant referees include determining if the ball has left the soccer field, who is receiving it, making decisions off-site, and giving advice to the official referee.

Additionally, the role of video assistant referees is to assess the official referee’s decisions. It entails watching videos of the soccer game’s events. They operate from the video operation room and employ a VAR system.

The base EPL salary for the video assistants and assistant referees is £30,000. In addition to the lowest pay, the assistant referees and VAR are paid £850 for each match, which is significantly more than the wages snooker referees receive.

Premier League referee salary in comparison with other similar positions’

Referees in the Champions League have the same earning potential as those in the Premier League, with match fees of up to £1,500 and annual salaries of up to £200,000. They will, however, earn more than £5,500 each game if they are referees in the Elite tier.

Additionally, the average yearly salary for FIFA referees is £260,000, which is higher than the corresponding figure for the Barclays Premier League.

On the other hand, La Liga referees can earn around £5,100 per game, or £213,000 annually.

Referees in the Bundesliga earn an average of £3,200 each game and between £36,000 and £59,600 per year.

The Premier League’s female officials, like SIan Massey-Ellis, earn £40,000 annually as assistant officials and £850 from a single game.

Top 10 premier league referees who earn the most

The TOP 10 Premier League officials with the highest salaries are shown below:

Referee Base wage Earnings per match
Martin Atkinson £200,000 £1,500
Mike Dean £200,000 £1,500
Michael Oliver £200,000 £1,500
Anthony Taylor £70,000 £1,500
Stuart Atwell £70,000 £1,500
Kevin Pal £70,000 £1,500
Chris Kavanagh £70,000 £1,500
Paul Tierney £70,000 £1,500
Jonathan Moss £70,000 £1,500
Andre Marriner £70,000 £1,500

Above is some information about the Premier League referee salary. Even though everyone acknowledges that referees play a crucial role, their work oftentimes makes them the object of ridicule and resentment. However, no fan of the game can picture a game without them.

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