Who is Romelu Lukaku Girlfriend? Update The Most Recent Rumours

Who is Lukaku girlfriend?
Who is Lukaku girlfriend?

Do you know who Lukaku girlfriend is? Romelu Lukaku, a football player from Belgium, competes for Chelsea in the English Premier League. Romelu Lukaku is a powerful left-footed athlete with a huge frame.  Besides his career, fans are also curious about his personal life. See everything there is to know about Romelu Lukaku’s girlfriend in this post!

A brief about Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku, a great Belgian striker, was born in Antwerp, Belgium, on May 13, 1993. Lukaku has played for numerous elite teams, including Inter Milan, Everton, and Manchester United, and he just returned to Chelsea. Lukaku’s 2021 transfer from Inter Milan to Chelsea cost an astounding €115 million.

Although he appears to be large, his performance in quick sprints and runs is unaffected. Being a smart forward who is aware of his strengths, Lukaku makes it difficult for his opponents to mark him.

Lukaku has evolved into a skilled number 9 aggressive striker with a desire for goals and the ability to open up play. During corners and set pieces, his superb aerial abilities provide him a minor advantage over other defenders. 

Lukaku in Chelsea
Lukaku in Chelsea

With his enormous frame and deft movements to locate openings, Lukaku is untouchable during hold-up plays. Along with having outstanding awareness and vision to position the ball in the proper places, Lukaku’s strong feet enable him to blast the ball into the netting.

In 2009, Lukaku made his debut for Anderlecht and scored his first goal at the professional level against Zulte Waregem. Then, in 2014, Everton paid £28 million to acquire his services. He scored his first goal against West Brom, his former team. When he made his debut against Real Madrid after being signed by Manchester United, he scored one goal. He made his debut abroad in 2010. In a match against the Netherlands in 2012, he scored his first goal for his nation.

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He has made 101 appearances for the Belgium national team and scored 68 goals. Lukaku’s performance at the 2018 World Cup earned him high plaudits from people all across the world. Third-placed Belgium in the World Cup. 

Lukaku ex girlfriend-Sarah Mens

Sarah Mens is Lukaku's ex-girlfriend
Sarah Mens is Lukaku’s ex-girlfriend

Sarah Mens, a model from Belgium, and Lukaku dated for five years. However, they split up in 2021 for unspecified reasons. Romeo Lukaku is the name of the son of Lukaku and Sarah. Following their split in 2021, Romeo primarily resides with his grandmother.

On March 23, 1993, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sarah Mens was born. In the Dutch media sector, Harry, her father, works as an actor and a television personality. He is the host of the Business Class Show on Dutch television. Sarah Mens is a smart woman who graduated from Institute Blankestijn in the Netherlands with her college degree.

She not only models but also has a prosperous company in Amsterdam. In 2016, Sarah and Lukaku had their first meeting in the United States. Sarah was completing an internship in Miami at the time. Following their relationship, Sarah moved to Manchester to live with Lukaku, and the two remained together for five years.

Shani Jamilah is alleged Lukaku girlfriend now

Shani Jamilah is alleged Lukaku girlfriend
Shani Jamilah is alleged Lukaku girlfriend now

American-born model Shani Jamilah is a well-known internet influencer who constantly posts beautiful and alluring images to highlight her attractiveness. The two were seen in Sardinia, Italy, while on holiday. They may be seen walking together in photographs, which has stoked rumors about their relationship.

This post has told you everything you need to know about Lukaku girlfriend. The rumored girlfriend of Lukaku gained fame after sharing some gorgeous and sensual photos of herself online. Don’t forget to come back to Wikiplayers for the latest news about the most famous footballers in the world!

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